Valeria Mazza


Valeria Mazza is Argentina’s most important and well known model. Her international success is due not only to her career in modeling, but also for her personal achievements, including being an Ambassador to The Special Olympics International, Sponsor of UNICEF´African initiatives (Vaccination programes in Tanzania & Cameroon), main Sponsor of the pediatric area of the Hospital Universitario Austral in Buenos Aires, among many other Social Responsibility activities.

Valeria was born in Rosario, Santa Fe, in 1972. She first participated in a fashion show at the age of 14 in Paraná, a small town in Argentina’s countryside where she grew up. At the age of 17, she moved to Buenos Aires, where she began studying for Occupational therapist, and began working as a professional model. Her professionalism, attitude and charm were key for her to become one of the Supermodels of the Beauty & Fashion industry. In 1998 Valeria got married to Alejandro Gravier, an argentinian businessman; with whom built up a numerous family with 4 children.

International career

In 1992 Valeria went to the United States and Europe where she strengthened and consolidated her international career. She joint the group of supermodels (w/ Claudia Schieffer, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell , Carla Bruni and Kate Moss) working for top Brand/Designers like Versace, Armani, Ferre, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Dolce & Gabanna, Dior, Valentino, among many others.

In 1996 The Sunday Times (England) and El Mundo (Spain) carried out a poll to elect the 100 outstanding women of the twentieth century. Only the names of two models made up the final list: Valeria Mazza and Claudia Schieffer. Guess, Escada, Chanel, Allure, Swatch, Bebe, Coca Cola, P&G, Danone, Unilever are some of the brands that selected her for their advertising campaigns. Valeria has been portrayed by recognized photographers such as Bensimon, Ritts, Demarchelier and Meisel. She has been the cover of over 350 magazines worldwide and starred in over 200 TV commercials. In Latin America, she became a fashion icon and reference; Clarin, leading Argentina´s Newspaper, hired Valeria to write for its magazine about the Beauty & Fashion world.

TV and own Businesses

Valeria was the presenter of the MTV Latino during 3 years, and worked for come European TV shows and festivals, like “Festival de San Remo”, “Scommettiamo Che?”, “Come Sorelle”, among other shows, mainly in the Italian and Spanish TV. Taking advantage of herexpertise she got in the industry, Valeria decided to develop her own Brand to compete in a few Beauty & Fashion markets. In this sense, Valeria counts with a Beauty line products, Perfumes, Eyeglasses, fashion accessories. She also launched and leads, an online fashion magazine.

Social Responsibility

Encouraged by her mother, Valeria Mazza has always been close and supporting ONG’s activities. By the age of 13, she joined Nuevas Olimpiadas Especiales Argentina, as a volunteer. Since then, Valeria got involved in several Initiatives, always focused in Childhood and Children with Intellectual disabilities. Today, Valeria sponsors Special Olympic and Unicef programmes, while at the same time leads the Fund raising Campaign for the Pediatric Area of the Hospital Universitario Austral in Buenos Aires. She was named godmather of this institution since its opening.

Valeria Mazza was the sponsor of a charity campaign held in Italy in aid of UNICEF development programs in Africa. She had the opportunity to see the social work for children and women in Mtwara and Zanzibar, two regions of Tanzania. Valeria also supported the vaccination campaign to prevent neonatal tetanus and fatal diseases that affect newborn babies who lack basic health and hygiene practices at the time of birth. In most cases the infected infants fail to meet the fourth week of life.

Valeria Mazza’s social commitment was recognized internationally, and in 1998, she was received by Pope John Paul II, being the first model in having an audience with the Pope at the Vatican. Moreover, she was asked to read a Pope’s letter in memory of Mother Teresa of Calcutta at the Universidad Catolica Argentina in 2003. She also got an audience to meet Pope Benedict XVI.