Valeria Mazza


Special Olympics

Hospital Universitario Austral

Since she was a child, Valeria Mazza has participated in humanitarian actions. At the age 13 she became part of the Special Olympics Argentina and organized several events in benefit of this sports organization.

Support for children and women in Tanzania

Valeria Mazza visited Tanzania in October 2011 and was the sponsor of a charity campaign held in Italy in aid of UNICEF development programs in Africa. So had the opportunity to see the social work for children and women in Mtwara and Zanzibar, two regions of Tanzania.

Valeria supported the vaccination campaign to prevent neonatal tetanus and fatal diseases that affect newborn babies who lack basic health and hygiene practices at the time of birth. In most cases the infected infants fail to meet the fourth week of life.

Besides helping with the vaccination, Valeria worked with Mtandao Watoto wa Wanahabari Tanzania (Network of Young Journalists of Tanzania). Thabithia (16 years) is the leading journalist of a radio program and broadcasts on Sunday mornings every 15 days on Zenj FM radio. On this occasion, she spoke with Valeria in order to learn how Argentina faces the stigma and discrimination of HIV / AIDS and other diseases.